WP1. Earth observation data

  • Task 1.1. Earth Observation soil moisture
  • Task 1.2. Earth Observation evapotranspiration
  • Task 1.3. Earth Observation vegetation water status
  • Task 1.4. Earth Observation water quality

WP2. In situ monitoring

  • Task 2.1. Drainage water flow and quality monitoring
  • Task 2.2. Irrigation monitoring
  • Task 2.3 River sampling for validating Earth Observation water quality
  • Task 2.4. In situ soil moisture monitoring over dryland and irrigated areas
  • Task 2.5. Monitoring evapotranspiration at experimental sites
  • Task 2.6. Vegatation sampling and monitoring for validating Earth Observation vegetation

WP3. Multi-scale water accounting

  • Task 3.1. Retrieving irrigation amount from Earth Observation data
  • Task 3.2. Field-scale water accounting
  • Task 3.3. Sub-basin-scale water accounting

WP4. Impact of irrigation scenarios

  • Task 4.1. Modeling drainage and river flow from actual irrigations at sub-basin scale
  • Task 4.2. Building irrigation scenarios
  • Task 4.3. Assessing potential impact of irrigation on the water cycle

WP5. Management, communication and dissemination

  • Task 5.1. Coordination and management
  • Task 5.2. Communication and sharing data and methods between IDEWA participants
  • Task 5.3. Dissemination and exploitation of project results